We have put together a great roundtable about "Lessons Learned from a Year of Working Virtually," with a variety of voices - producers, artists, programmers, public relations- from a number of different companies. If you are a GGDA member, join us in Discord to be part of the roundtable. Otherwise, watch on YouTube and share your thoughts there.

Stay with us after the roundtable for another fun evening of virtual gaming with your game dev peers.

Roundtable Participants:

Thomas Dahlberg, producer at Tripwire Interactive;
Kat De Shields-Moon, public relations manager at Schell Games;
Ryan Kline, gameplay programmer at Lost Boys Interactive;
Reyna Rochin, illustrator/UI artist at Global Worldwide;
Karen Williams, game developer at Eclipse Gaming Systems and founder of Hiccup Interactive;

Ron Williams, director of studio operations for Bash Game Studios

When: 7 pm EST April 13
Where: www.youtube.com/GeorgiaGameDevs
How much: Free

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