Note: This was pushed back from April 17. Join us at 8 pm EST April 24 for a conversation with Untiy's Jonathan Weinberger as he discusses a number of new initiatives to support and educate developers. Come equipped with your questions, because he is the perfect person to answer them. We will discuss both the courses he has started as well as his plans for more.

Unity reached out to Jonathan about creating a series of courses for the partnership with Udemy to create engaging, high-energy, official courseware. Together, they developed a series of called "The Ultimate Guide" which starts with our first course, "The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity" which takes users from zero to hero with a well-rounded foundation of Unity and a proper introduction to C# programming that implements best practices.  You can find details and imagery of the course here:

The second course focuses on using the latest tools offers by Unity Technologies which is Timeline & Cinemachine. These tools are used to create Cutscenes within video games as well as even movies similar to what you've seen with the Adam Demo ( This course is "The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity" and takes you from zero to hero understanding the tools required to make beautiful cutscenes in Unity. Students learn how to block a scene, compose a shot, and control virtual cameras to create cinematic events. You can find details and imagery of the course here:

Two more courses are in production. 

Livestreaming on:

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