That's right, the jam goes on! If you are working at a satellite location (your house, a 24-hour bar, etc), that is great, but if you need space and computers, head to room 202 of Building J at Southern Polytechnic State University (where we have held Games for Health Jams in the past). You are going to be on your on for things like food, but we know everyone will handle that. Please check the jam web site ( for details, and feel free to use the Georgia Game Developers Association Facebook group or the IGDA-Atlanta Facebook group to share info and thoughts.

We are working on finding a location for the Sunday closing ceremonies. That will probably be at SPSU, but has not be set yet. Keep checking in for more info. Now for other details you need:

THE DOORS TO BUILDING J LOCK AT MIDNIGHT. Please get there before, and have a phone contact to let you back in if you leave. In worst-case situations, call Molly Proffitt at 615-478-0814.
Please note that food is NOT included in this (though it is allowed in the building), and, since this is a last-minute arrangement, no special plans have been made for security. Everyone here is an adult, and we know you can take care of your things and each other. There will be classes in the building Saturday, so please keep the building clean and change rooms as necessary. This is guerrilla jamming at its best, so leave no trace.
- You must be 18 years or older to participate.


  • 2015 Theme: "What do we do now?"
  • Official hashtag: #GGJ15
  • Jammer IRC: Freenode #GGJ15

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