CIMFest – a celebration of the South’s game and simulation developers! CIMFest brings together some of SIEGE's most popular speakers, like Bob Carter and Joe Cassavaugh, as well as those you have never before, like Levoski Brown, general manager of the professional Armada esports team, and animator (and animation researcher) Demetrius Dukes.

CIMFest welcomes all times of speakers from historians, people in security, simulations, teachers, etc. Special Events include a keynote speaker, networking lunch and an opportunity to recruit young aspiring people looking for jobs in the game industry. Come on out and meet developers from the southern part of Georgia and see what projects student have made.

Join us July 13, 2019 on the campus of Columbus State University to see the latest and greatest technologies and productions for these fields. Go HERE for speaker bios.

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If you cannot join us in Columbus, check out our livestreams. They make great background inspiration while you jam πŸ™‚

10:00AM-11:00AM – Is It Movie Magic or a Simulation? Speaker: Rod Obando
11:15AM-12:15PM – How To Succeed At Anything! Speaker: Joe Cassavaugh
12:15PM-1:45PM – Indie Rants
02:15PM-03:30PM – Keynote Exploration of Animation in Traditional and Interactive Platforms, Speaker: Demetrius Dukes
03:45PM-04:45PM – Building Your Character. Speakers: Dakota Gaboury, Bass Kane and Brittney Green
05:00PM-05:45PM – Unity 101 Speakers: Dr. Rodrigo Obando and Joe Cassavaug

CIMFest 2019 Schedule


  • Friday, July 12
    • 03:00PM-05:00PM
      • Blender Workshop
      • Zach Smith
    • 05:30PM-07:30PM – Launch Get Together
      • Location: Ruby Tuesday
  • Saturday, July 13
    • 09:00AM-09:45AM – Registration
    • 10:00AM-11:00AM – Talks A
      • Is It Movie Magic or a Simulation?
        • Rod Obando
        • Room 254
      • Voice Over Improv
        • Bob Carter
        • Room 258
    • 11:15AM-12:15PM – Talks B
      • How To Succeed At Anything
        • Joe Cassavaugh
        • Room 254
      • Three Approaches to Designing a Game
        • Karen Williams
        • Room 258
    • 12:15PM-1:45PM – Lunch
      • Cookout
      • Sponsored by: TBD
      • Indie Rants
        • Room 254
        • Ranters
          • Joe Cassavaugh
          • Rod Obando
          • Anthony Obando
          • Andrew Greenberg
          • Bob Carter
          • Zach Smith
    • 02:00PM-02:15PM – Remarks
    • 02:15PM-03:30PM – Keynote
      • An Exploration of Animation in Traditional and Interactive Platforms
        • Demetrius Dukes
        • Room 254
    • 03:45PM-04:45PM – Talks C
      • Building Your Character
        • Dakota Gaboury, Bass Kane and Brittney Green
        • Room 254
      • Forming and Running a Successful Esports Team
        • Levoski Brown
        • Room 258
    • 05:00PM-05:45PM – Talks D
      • Unity 101
        • Dr. Rodrigo Obando and Joe Cassavaugh
        • Room 254
      • Managing Your Team and Your Time
        • Andrew Greenberg
        • Room 258

Where: Columbus State University's Davidson Cougar Lounge, formerly the Davidson Student Center, 4225 University Ave. Parking is free

How Much: $10 for CSU students, alum and GGDA members; $15 all others

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