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The GGDA's Columbus Interactive Media Festival (CIMFest) has been a great success over the years, featuring leading game developers from Georgia and beyond. Join us this year as we celebrate that success with sessions focused on your success! All times EST:

Noon-1 pm: IP Protection and Copyright Licensing for Game Developers

1-2 pm: The Stories of Clutter - The Beauty of Snippets - Narrative Design For Puzzle Games

2-3 pm: Frequency (PS2), a Case Study on Innovation

3-4 pm: Keynote: How To Market A Game In 2022

4-5 pm: Special Proxi AI Presentation

Keynote Chris Zukowski is a game marketing consultant and strategist whose presentation, "How To Market A Game In 2022", focuses directly on helping any game dev success.

Marketing a game is tricky and confusing. In this talk Chris Zukowski will review the best practices for marketing your game. He will show you examples and actual data from recently released games that illustrate how the Steam algorithm works.

Justin M. Jacobson, esq., joins us to discuss successfully protecting your own intellectual properties and using 3rd party IP in "IP Protection and Copyright Licensing for Game Developers."

Long-time GGDA speaker Tim Ryan returns to help you successfully innovate with his presentation on "Frequency (PS2), a Case Study on Innovation".

In 2002 Sony released Frequency, a rhythm music game developed by Harmonix, and the first game using the PS2 online adapter. The game presented a challenge to Sony who didn't know how to test or market it, to players who never played a game like it before, and to Harmonix who never made a console game before. While it was not fiscally a hit, Frequency won a BAFTA for innovation and is considered the predecessor to Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Everyone's favorite Cluttereteer, Joe Cassavaugh, returns to show you how to successfully add narrative to games that we don't normally think of having one. Make sure to tune into "The Stories of Clutter - The Beauty of Snippets - Narrative Design For Puzzle Games."

Learn Clutter's techniques for providing the illusion of a Narrative within a purely Puzzle Game. Joe describes what "snippets" are, how he used them in Clutter, and how they've evolved over the years to provide a richer experience for those Clutter players that like a little something to read along with their Clutter games. Journey through the Past, Present and Future of Clutter Narratives, culminating in the highly anticipated (15 years now) announcement for Clutter Diamonds: A Peter Zelle Mystery.

Gallium Studios returns with "If I Could Talk to the AI." Catch up with the Gallium Studios team for a development update on Will Wright’s upcoming AI simulation game, Proxi! Learn more about how the folks at Gallium are using memories to build interactive conversational AIs and stay tuned for a special AI demonstration!

When: Noon-5 pm EST, June 18

Where: (GGDA members can also join in Discord

How Much: Free!

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