As much as we all love using Unity to make games, it is also finding a home with governments and businesses that value its strength and versatility. The city of East Point has created an alliance with Georgia State University to use Unity for GIS mapping, census projects and more. Join us at East Point City Hall for "Using Unity for Games, Government and Business: Creating Robust Environments."

East Point has an active Unity developer program. City staff and interns have used Unity to support the city's public works, economic development, parks and census efforts.

"Continuing with the momentous success of previous cohorts, City of East Point is boldly going where few local governments have ventured before – a future of design, 3D, virtualization, and spatial augmented realities. We now seek ambitious Technical Artist / GIS interns up for the challenge to research & develop new worlds using game engines, GIS, and related industry tools which will be explained onsite. Additionally, students will create/update accounts on Linkedin, Esri Developer Network, and Office 365, thus creating a fully functional professional portfolio to assist in their career search."

Where: City of East Point City Hall, 2757 E Point St, East Point, GA 30344

When: 6 pm Tuesday, Feb. 11

How Much: Free for East Point residents and GGDA & TAG members; $10 all others

6-7 pm Networking

7-8 pm: Using Unity for Games, Government and Business : Creating Robust Environments

8-9 pm: Networking


Dominic Maldonado

Geo-Information Sys. Coordinator at City of East Point. In addition to all things data I also dabble in 3D, game design, AR/VR, and other emerging tools within cloud-computing.

My career began at Florida State Univ. where I studied Creative Writing hoping to work at Cartoon Network / Adult Swim. Then I pivoted into Geographic Information Systems at Univ. of Southern Cal. during the Recession as the arts industry went south. As an 80s baby I was introduced into gaming at arcades in Daytona Beach, SNES with my cousins. Then playing Mario64 and FFVII really changed the game for me. As technology improved, I kept researching where my skills could fit into the disruptive billion-dollar rebel alliance that had become the game industry. My Director, Farhad Islam, has been outstandingly supportive in this endeavor and introduced me to his GSU Robinson Business School which led to our current CIS 49XX Capstone Incubator program. This has successfully placed students in various IT careers.  

James Simpson

James Simpson, AKA “Doctor Unity,” is the go-to person for Unity3D development in the Southeast. Whether it’s MMOs, video games, business applications, presentations, augmented reality, educational, simulations, web, mobile, or Facebook, more than likely, James has worked on it in that field.

Shipped Titles: Wasteland 2, SnarfQuest Tales, Elf on the Shelf Snowball fight, AutoTrader InnerStruggle Multiplayer, Congo Coin Pusher, Larry Elmore Series 1, Balloon Bliss, Invasion: The Last Stand, Silly Beans Jump, Silly Beans Tic Tac Toe, Mad Bowler, USAFA Virtual World, Dark Orbit, Devil Whiskey, Gas Flow Simulator, Chubby Pixie, Subaru Advertisement, Sunkist Advertisement, Dungeon Crawlers, Giving Back App, Wounded Warriors App, Bobbers World MMO, Letters Alive, Math Alive, Amos the Alligator Airport Adventures, Ima Iguana Treasure Hunter, Prizewagon Casino: The Boardwalk, Paramedics Clear, Before There Were Stars, Rugs Alive, Babe Ruff Adventure, Looking 4 Looie, Project Ghost (VR)

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