Columbus State University is proud to announce its first game jam from 8 – 10 September 2017. A game jam is an amazing life / career affirming event where game programmers, artists, writers, and all manners of creative people come together to create games over the course of a single weekend. Yes, these events are as epic and amazing as they sound.
On Friday September, the 8th a theme will be announced and then participants will be unleashed to form teams and create games. Games of any type and variety can be created: Card Games, Board Games, Video Games or anything else you can imagine! Teams will have until Sunday afternoon (September 10th) to develop games and a presentation for their game. You and your team will have 48 hours to create a game…sleep is optional and recommended. No one wants to look and sound like a zombie when giving a presentation.
So, if you are an artist, a writer or story teller, a games programmer, or just a creative person who wants to learn more about the game development process; come out to CSU on the second weekend in September. Together we will create games, work as teams, and learn the fun way. Event details and registration information to follow.
Everything kicks off in the CCT Auditorum, so we will see you there!

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