You played Kingdom of Kuru at our GGDA playtest night. The team has entered a small business contest, and you can check out how far the game has progressed! Vote for it here:
From the developers:
"Kingdom of Kuru is a fast paced 2-D racing platform game, with memorable characters in a fantasy world entrenched in culture. It was very important to the team that story angle was strong which would hopefully create characters that players will really care about.
In Kingdom of Kuru the player selects to play the role of Kara or Kiros, twin siblings, who together are discovering their role in this magical world they’re living in.
The Kingdom of Kuru Team grew up playing games like Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog from the 90’s. With Kingdom of Kuru the goal is to recapture the magical simplicity of these games. In order to recreate the 90’s fever, the team has taken lessons from the classics and believes that this game will rekindle that emotion for young and old alike."
When: 8 pm EST Tuesday, April 3
How Much: Free

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