Tripwire Indie Game Extravaganza (and Portfolio Review)

Friday 8:00 pm (Cobb Ballroom)

Tripwire Interactive, developer of great titles like Incursion, Red Orchestra 1 and 2, Killing Floor 1 and 2, and Rising Storm, has stressed that it wants its opening night party to focus on building the Georgia game industry as well as celebrating another year of great success. With that in mind, we have added two great new modules to the SIEGE opening night reception.

First, as soon as the SIEGE sessions are done for the day, we are going to start our annual portfolio review. Representatives from studios across the state will gather to review your work, provide feedback and dispense career advice. Following that, we start our first Indie Game Extravaganza, with all the members of this year’s IndieCluster showing off their games to you, the judges of our “Best in SIEGE” award. All SIEGE attendees can vote on this award , so you are invited to kick off the weekend right with this renowned party.

If you want to be a portfolio reviewer, please email [email protected]

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