This summer the GGDA, in partnership with ASIFA-South and MORIN Entertainment Law, offers a free series of legal panels for creative professionals and game devs focusing on labor, business, tax, and finance in the post-pandemic world. Proceeds from the first session will be donated to Tech4Covid. .

This session, 8 - 9 pm EST June 4, discusses government response and stimulus packages. Discussion focuses on legislation that was implemented under all three stimulus bills (FFCRA, CARES, Phase "III"). 

Who Should Attend: Individuals, Freelancers, Independent Contractors, Small Businesses, Employers/ Employees and Families

Price: FREE for ASIFA-South/ International members & GGDA Members, cost for non-Members. $25. Email [email protected] for your code. Refunds will only be given up to 24 hours before event. Attendees will be given access to private recorded session

Location: Online link will be sent to attendees before the event.

´╗┐Related Upcoming Sessions

July- Session 2: "What is the New Norm?" in July will discusses transitioning workforce, revenue models, and/ or businesses online. Topics covered will be teleworking/ telecommuting, accounting for income generated across state lines, digital storefronts/ e-commerce, data security & privacy, & intellectual property enforcement.

Aug- Session 3: "Where do we go from here?" will discusses planning for "next waves" including SIP orders, future waves of the pandemic, or otherwise disruption. Topics covered will be setting up ACD/ Living Wills/ Financial POAs & Wills, anticipated legislation (e.g. HEROES, Worker's Compensation, stimulus payments, and/or universal basic income), Force Majeure clauses importance for future contracts, and reinforcing workspace/ workforce.

Register and see speaker info HERE

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