During our Unity training, a number of people have asked us for a game engine tutorial aimed at new developers. The fine people at Clickteam have offered to conduct a special training of their free Fusion 2.5 engine, suitable for complete newcomers, studios looking to expand their repertoire and experienced developers looking for new tools for development or prototyping.

The series continues 7 pm EST Aug. 22 with a chance to actually build a game in the engine.

"Come check out arguably the fastest way to develop 2D Games and apps for platforms like Windows, iOS, Android and more as we introduce you to the power of Clickteam Fusion! We will build our first game together online to show how easy it is to use. Then we will show off some of the commercially successful titles made in Fusion like Five Nights at Freddy's or The Escapists.  After we would love to answer questions you may have about Fusion. So whether it's your first time developing games or your 100th, we invite you to see how Fusion can help you on your next project!"


Chris Carson

I have been developing games since 2001 under the studio label Gamesare. I have published 20 titles for PC, iOS and Android. I also serve as VP of US Operations for Clickteam, LLC the company behind the development tool Clickteam Fusion. Currently working on Tic Tac Tower, Noble Armada and Bit Odyssey.

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