We are premiering our Art for Games, Animation and VR AMA from SIEGE2019 on YouTube at 8 pm Nov. 11. A number of our panelists will be in attendance to further elucidate on their thoughts. https://youtu.be/rio5_El6ch8

Working in game art? Trying to figure out how to work with your game’s artists? Game art is a very broad category, ranging from the simplest 2D interface items to the craziest Zbrushed models and animations you can find anywhere. Join our award-winning panel of artists to discuss every aspect from pay to tools to work process to inspiration to becoming an art lead, and anything else your incredibly creative brains can picture. From SIEGE 2019.

Marisa Tontaveetong (m) https://www.asifa-south.com/
Allyssa A Lewis Instagram.com/AllyssaALewis, LinkedIn.com/in/AllyssaALewis
Akil Jules https://www.primalscreen.com/
Jeff Yu www.pulseworks.com

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