Join the GGDA, Georgia Esports League and GSU's PantherLAN for a full day of esports, training and champions Oct. 20. Come root for teams from Georgia Gwinnett College, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, Oglethorpe University, University of Georgia, and the University of West Georgia.

The morning runs 9 am to noon with the Brawlhalla and SMITE state championships, as well as workshops on shoutcasting and how to go pro in esports. Then PantherLAN kicks off with League of Legends, Hearthstone, Paladins, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Overwatch.

This is a great day of esports competition and fun, so join us early for all the festivities. Admission is free, as is parking! Food available on site.

If you cannot attend, watch the game stream at

10 am Workshop: Shoutcasting with the Best

Join Hi-Rez Studios legendary shoutcaster Thom "F." Badinger and Blue Mammoth's Josh "TheSloshula" Kenneth for tips and tricks the pros use in taking their streams to the next level. There is more to a great shoutcaster than a nice suit, and our two pros can help anyone improve their efforts.

Thom "F." Badinger is an esports media professional from New York.  His career started in 2013, writing for one of the many teams involved in esports and reporting from home.  Now, he's part of the action as one of the main commentary voices for the Smite Pro League, among other endeavors.

Joshua "TheSloshula" Kenneth was putting on esports tournaments before joining the Blue Mammoth behemoth! Now content creator and tournament organizer for Brawlhalla, he is in the middle of all the action.

Kevin Bacon needs 7 degrees, Wes "WesWilson" Wilson usually only needs 4. Having worked in podcasting, content creation, streaming and events for over a decade, he’s likely worked with or entertained people far closer than you’d expect. His portfolio includes running conventions across the southeast, creating gaming and variety video content on almost every major platform, hundreds of hours interviewing industry professionals, and building connections across all strata of creatives in fandom. Be sure to let him know what exciting project he should pick up next!

11 am Workshop: Going Pro in Esports

Being a true esports professional requires a lot more than just entering a competition. Transitioning from amateur or college level to the big leagues requires serious preparation and planning. Join Brandon "Rude" Roukey and Joshua "TheSloshula" Kenneth as they explore training regimens, your social media presence, scouting teams, and how players provide value above and beyond game skills, in addition to what players should expect from a team. Moderated by Mario "SuperM" Reid of Kombo Breakerz.

Brandon “Rude” Roukey entered the competitive esports scene in 2004 with Halo 2 and 3. Afterwards, he participated in various esports competitions until 2015. He joined the professional Paladins esports circuit in 2015 and played with several prominent teams including Warpath Gaming, MatchPoint, Team AGG, and Panda Global. In 2017, he left pro esports for a role with PaladinsWorld as a staff/meta analyst. He teamed up with Hi-Rez Studios in 2016 to help with production at HRX. Brandon currently manages League Operations for all of Paladins esports for Hi-Rez Studios.

Mario "Supah EM" Reid is the Executive Director of the KomboBreakerZ Podcast, a videogame podcast that focuses primarily on the Fighting game community and the various topics of interest surrounding the scene. As a podcasting personality he has had the opportunity to interview top American players and casters in the Fighing Game Community including  Sonic Fox, Bryant “KP” Benzing, Tastey Steve as well as international stars such as Fuudo, Dogura and Momochi. Best known for Cosplay and Graphic Design, Mario also creates costumes and art based on his favorite characters from games like Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter and more for cosplay competition and for appearances at tournaments. More information on the podcast can be found at Mario is currently a Marketing Ambassador for Dreamhack, going to events and pop-up installations to let gamers in Atlanta know about all of the opportunities that Dreamhack has in store for the community. He is also currently working with ELEAGUE on the social media team as well as helping with crowd acquisition when it comes to cosplayers. Mario also serves as the Assistant Livestream Manager for the GGDA.

Final Seeding

What: GEL Fall 2018 State Championships

When: 9 am Saturday, Oct. 20

Where: GSU Sports Arena (

Parking: Free in GSU's G parking deck, 121 Collins Street Location is also very MARTA accessible.

Attendees will park in the G Deck (121 Collins St, Atl) (marked in gold; participants enter from Central Avenue), and then the event itself is in the GSU Sports Arena (enter at the escalator on the corner of Collins and Decatur). G Deck gates are up and parking is free on Saturdays. Once parked, attendees should exit back to Central Avenue, walk north/right on Central to Decatur, turn right on Decatur; the Sports Arena is one block from there.

How Much: FREE!

Schedule of the day’s competitions (some could start sooner or later than listed based on progress)

9am: Smite Semi-Final #1, GSU vs OU Bo1
9:40am: Smite Semi-Final #2, UWG vs UGA Bo1
10:20am: Smite Final Match Bo3

GEL Brawlhalla
11:50am: Brawlhalla Partial Quarterfinal #1 OU vs UWG Bo3 (Please bring your own controllers if you can)
12:05am: Brawlhalla Partial Quarterfinal #2 GSU vs KSU Bo3
12:20pm: Brawlhalla Semi-Final #1 Bo3
12:35pm: Brawlhalla Semi-Final #2 Bo3
12:50pm: Brawlhalla Finals Bo5

GSU PantherLan
1:20pm Paladins Finals Bo3
2:20pm: League of Legends Finals Bo3
4:00pm: Hearthstone Finals Bo5
4:45pm: Dragon Ball FighterZ Finals Bo5
5:20pm: Overwatch Finals Bo3

6:30pm End


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