Game Studios in Georgia at end of 2020: 141

Game Studio Gross Revenue in 2020: $577 million

Game Studio Employment in 2020: 4,080 full-time employees

Average Game Studio Salary in 2020: $87,000

Economic Impact is based on industry-standard RIMS II multiplier[1]

Game Studio Value Added[2] to Georgia Economy in 2020: $547 million

Game Studio Economic Impact[3] in Georgia in 2020: $770 million

More information available upon request

Game Studios Operating in Georgia

2020: 141 studios

2019: 136 studios

2018: 131 studios

2017: 130 studios

2016: 128 studios

2015: 112 studios

[1] The Bureau of Economic Analysis revised their recommend multipliers to account for changes in household spending because of the COVID-19 pandemic

[2] Value added is the sum of compensation of employees, taxes on production and imports, less subsidies, and gross operating surplus

[3] Total economic impact includes the sum of direct, indirect, and induced effects

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