Game art is like no other artistic endeavor. Not only do you have to be creative and talented, but you have to work very closely with people whose skills and abilities are almost, but not quite, completely unlike your own. Hi-Rez Studios has gained renown for the wide array of high quality characters, skins and environments its artists create, but this requires as much planning and coordination as it does imagination and ability. Join Thomas Holt, Daniel Lilleberg and Chuk Vinson, Hi-Rez Studio's art director, animation director and VFX director, for an inside look at art creation in an agile and live production environment. Learn the skills and tools good game artists need, how their teams create great art, and what professionalism looks like in this unique field.


Where: SCAD DMC, 1611 W. Peachtree St, Atlanta GA

(Just north of Cox Media and WSB-TV on West Peachtree St. ... at the point where it is actually east of Peachtree Street. Yes, Atlanta's Peachtree Streets get confusing ...)

When: Tuesday, March 8


6 - 7 pm Networking

7 - 8 pm Hi-Rez Studios and the Agile Artist

8 - 9 pm Networking


Admission is free for GGDA members and SCAD students; $5 all others


Congratulations to Jeff Wilson, who was to be our photogrammetry speaker until he got hired by!

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