DreamHack is turning into a great event for all GGDA members! First of all, they are offering you a discount code for HALF OFF admission! Email [email protected] to get this code. You can also use code PLAYATLANTA20 for 20 percent off, and share it with anyone you like. More opportunities:

We still have a handful of FREE booths for indie devs in our Georgia pavilion. If you are interested, register by 6 pm EST Nov. 11 at https://dreamhack.typeform.com/ATL22Indies

Make sure to check out all the great games by GGDA members in the DreamHack Beyond indie showcase

We are also organizing a number of informative panels for Nov.18 at DreamHack.

  • Join us at 1 pm to meet some of Georgia's leading livestreamers at "Livestreaming in Georgia." Not only is this a great way to learn more about good livestreaming, it is also an unparalleled opportunity to meet influencers who can promote your game.
  • Zane Everett, our favorite Unity instructor, hosts "Intro to Unity" at 3 pm. Bring your questions and invite any friends who need to learn this useful tool.
  • Finally, at 4 pm, we have a great panel on "How to Succeed as an Indie Dev." Bring your insights and questions!

Keep checking in our Discord channel for updates on DreamHack. If you are not a GGDA member, and not in our Discord, follow our Tumblr account for updates: https://www.tumblr.com/gagamedevassoc

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