The GGDA is presenting three sessions at Momocon May 26 and 27. If you cannot make Momocon, join us May 28 at 5 pm EST on for a recap of all the game news.

2:30 pm, May 26

The GGDA Presents: Indie Games Q&A

Indie game development is often a lonely, rocky road filled with hardships and bug reports, but for many developers, it is the only way to go. Our panelists have taken this route, finding unique ways to fund, develop and launch games.

Moderator: Andrew Greenberg, Executive Director Georgia Game Developers Association
Panelists: Joe Cassavaugh, Puzzles by Joe; James Simpson, Producer, CellBloc Studios; Marie Green, Gyrescope Solutions; Kynton Stephens, Spray N' Pray

Room  Main Panels B O-EF

11:30 am, May 27

The GGDA Presents: Breaking into the Game Industry

An expert panel of game industry professionals from all sides answers questions about the industry we all know and love and how you can become a part of it to create meaningful games and experiences

Featuring: Alan Wilson, Tripwire Interactive; Chuk Vinson, Hi-Rez Studios; Andrew Greenberg, GGDA; Rob Manuel, Samantha Leichtamer

Room Main Panels A 412

7 pm, May 27

The GGDA Presents: My Journey as a Woman in Games

A panel focusing on the odd, but inspiring, journeys a number of women have followed to careers in game production. It never seems there is one route, and instead every woman finds her own way in the game dev landscape.

Moderator: Jessica Gore, Marketing Producer at Hi-Rez
Panelists:  Alyssa Huskey, community manager/cosplayer for Paladins, Hi-Rez; Melissa "Taco" Padrosa, esports caster/host at Hi-Rez; Molly Proffitt, Ker-Chunk Games; Leah Knighton, Ker-Chunk Games; Sarah Massagee, Tripwire Interactive

Room Main Panels B O-EF

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