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Creating Television Animation-Friendly Game IP

Wouldn't it be great if your game's characters had their own animated TV show one day? Wonder why more games haven't been made into shows? Why do most games from shows, um, suck?

Learn the answer to these questions and many more from Brad Merritt, a game designer and programmer who has worked with Cartoon Network IP (intellectual property) and games for the past 13 years.

Please note that due to a holiday, our February meeting is on the third Tuesday of the month instead of the second.

6 - 7 pm: Networking

7 - 8 pm: How to Overcome the Contrary Goals of Games and Animation

8 - 9 pm: Networking

Where: Cartoon Network. 1050 TECHWOOD DR NW, ATLANTA

Parking: Gate security will direct you to parking. Take the elevator up to the main desk and we'll be in the room directly behind the desk.

How Much: Free for GGDA or TAG members, $5 all others.



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