Join us for a discussion on the technical and business future of VR with some of the people making it happen. The VR experts at Motion Reality develop the world's most accurate, virtual reality immersive environments for the military, law enforcement, entertainment, and sports. Their technology allows tetherless VR activity in large (basketball court-sized) arena. Up to 12 players have complete freedom to simultaneously move, run, crawl, and interact naturally without any wires, tethers or constraints. There are no joysticks or controllers, but rather the subjects perform naturally as in real life.

6 - 7 pm: Networking
7 - 8 pm: The Future of VR panel
8 - 9 pm: Networking
Where: Motion Reality Inc. 824 Livingston Ct, Marietta, GA 30067
Parking: FreeHow Much: Free for GGDA or TAG members, $10 all others.Livestream:

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