User Generation in the World of Web 2.0

Join the GGDA, Gyrescope and the GSU Creative Media Industries Institute for an in-depth look at novel ways to involve user input and UGC in the game-design process.

The game of life is a puzzle that leaves much to be deciphered. Digital media embodies the ‘black box’ belief of technology that is our modern puzzle box. If unpacking coded concepts using entertainment is the key, how can we decipher so much if our only common languages are emoji, gif, & meme? To translate basic ideas across fields & platforms we have to learn so much about ourselves, culture, industry, enterprise, the virtual, the real world, & gaps between using only our avatars. How could we possibly collectively create and pursue ideas that build ‘STEAM?’

Web 2.0 has been a promise echoed by technofuturists and cryptoanarchists for many years. New media now includes features like cloud computing, machine learning, and so much more which will enable us to launch this brave new World Wide Web. Piecework, episodic narratives are capable of bringing digital experiences to the next level as we reach this checkpoint. It can also organically integrate incremental learning strategies that follow the same patterns as gameplay. Could this be the way we can meaningfully connect as we collect our thoughts?

Media engineered for engagement allows us to entertain solutions to these questions and countless other challenges programmers, platforms, and users face. User-generated storytelling across new media platforms introduces dynamic & diverse avenues for world & character building both in virtual realities and IRL that could solve such problems posed by the rapid growth of media & mass communication. Come join our discussion about methods & tools used in production & programming, in addition to other theories & practices helpful to any digital artist or citizen scientist interested in venturing out into the great unknown of Web 2.0.

Presenters: Marie Green & Kynton Stephens

Marie Green is GyreScope’s CEO & Chief Creative Engineer. She’s joined by Kynton Stephens, GyreScope’s COO & Director of Digital Media Production. They’ll be framing this discussion with details about an upcoming feature, Project MP. Using co-creation strategies, digital design, cloud computing & AI to drive it's narrative, Project MP merges hypermedia, interactive fiction, and social networking. The real goal of the game is to rethink how we define ‘virtual’ and ‘augmented’ reality by introducing a User-Based Role Playing Game (UBRPG) as an interactive mixed media production.

GyreScope is a creative community for those who follow their call to adventure as a call to action. By bringing together individuals who desire to design & inspire state-of-the-art artwork, research, & edutainment, we aim to incentivize initiatives that empower creativity, critical thinking, & invention that challenge convention. We’re working on a gamified multimedia networking platform powered by collaboration, developed around big data for those who dream big  and push for positive change through the exchange of meaningful ideas.

Where: 3rd floor of the CMII building, in the screening room

When: 6 - 9 pm EST June 12

6-7 pm Networking

7-8 pm Game Design Discussion

8-9 pm Networking

How Much: Free for GGDA members, GSU faculty/staff/students and TAG members; $10 all others

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