Game Studios in Georgia at End of 2005: 8

Game Studios in Georgia at End of 2018: 160 (a 2,000 percent increase)

Game Studio Gross Revenue in 2018: $430 million

Game Studio Economic Impact in Georgia in 2018: $830 million

Economic Impact is based on industry-standard RIMS II multiplier. RIMS II multipliers for NAICS 511200 in Georgia were used for our studies. NAICS 511200 is commonly used when examining the video game industry. We used the multipliers available through the BEA: Here is a link to another study that uses the same NAICS code:

Average Game Studio Salary in 2019: $72,000

Please note that our survey is of companies physically located in Georgia and engaged in creating video games for entertainment or training. All included figures are from the 2018 Georgia Game Developers Annual Economic Impact Study. This study is limited to game studios and directly related businesses physically located in Georgia. 

Data for this study were gathered from both primary and secondary research efforts. A standard regional input-output-model was used for analyses to measure the economic impact of the industry. Thanks to Dr. Jay O’Toole, Assistant Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship at Elon University and Lead Researcher on the project.

This study is part of an on-going program by the GGDA to track the economic impact of the video game industry on Georgia. Contact [email protected] if you have questions about the program or want to participate.

Game Studio Growth in Georgia

2018: 160 studios

2017: 130 studios

2016: 128 studios

2015: 110 studios

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