The GGDA uses these channels to share content for game developers and anyone interested in games. We livestream our meetings, workshops, interviews and SIEGE itself. In addition, we hope to let GGDA members use it to promote their games as well. You can make free accounts to subscribe to any of these channels.

Broadcast Schedule

Monthly Schedule (all 8 pm EST unless otherwise noted)

1st Tuesday of Each Month: First Look Tuesday

Join us a sneak preview of a game still in development!

2nd Tuesday of Each Month: GGDA Premier (7 pm EST)

Join our stream of our monthly GGDA meeting, featuring leading developers of all kinds of games.

3rd Tuesday of Each Month: Your Turn

Workshops on game dev tools and techniques for beginners and experts alike.

4th Tuesday of Each Month: News for Game Devs (7:30 pm EST)

The Game Developer News Network, followed by interviews with game industry leaders.

5th Tuesday of Each Month: Random Function

Tune in and see the fun!

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