We've held a number of meetings on playtesting, as this is an area even large studios can do better, and for new devs, it serves as a great way to break into the industry. Mobile Labs provides testing services for a wide array of developers, including the Pokemon Go team. Join us for:

Five Things to Consider When Testing: Moving from Hand to the Cloud

How are you currently testing the games you’re developing? If you’re manually testing on real devices, then moving to a mobile device cloud can help you better manage devices. When you combine better device access with speed and advanced graphic performance without lags, then you can take your app development to the next level. Join Mobile Labs’ Sr. Director of Product Marketing Steve Orlando at the November GGDA meeting to dive deep into cloud based mobile app development and testing.

Where: Piedmont Center
3565 Piedmont RD NE
Building 2, Plaza Level (The Center)
Atlanta, GA 30305

Schedule: 6-7 pm Networking
7-8 pm Presentation/Q&A
8-9 pm Networking

Cost: Free for GGDA/TAG members, $10 all others

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