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We are looking forward to a really fun night in Discord, as well as a discussion of the GGDA plans for 2021. If you want to reserve a space for the collaborative character drawing session, email us at info @ before 5 pm. If you don't email us, you can still join us during the party, but it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will have the Voice-General channel starting at 6:30, with the art session starting at 7, and you can sign up there.

There will be prizes for participants in the collaborative drawing session, as well as for participants in the various games we will be playing through the evening. We will be touring the Gamerjibe virtual networking space and also have various Discord chat rooms available for networking.

Collaborative Character Drawing Workshop

Start by joining the GGDA on Discord to network with your fellow professionals. Then take part as art professors from Kennesaw State University lead a collaborative character drawing session - all skill levels welcome. This session will be conducted online using Magma Studio where artist can collaborate online drawing on one digital canvas. The art theme will be announced during the party for spontaneous creation of a character and side kick.

This builds on a fun and informative SIEGE workshop, so come join us for a romping good time! 

Register Today for GamerJibe

Our friends at Subsume have started a 3D networking space at Gamerjibe. They have invited GGDA party attendees to try it out at

Use the access code wpdGQQO3pDlPlyEoerOVKyjX

We tried out GamerJibe for the Subsume Summit in October, and found it a fun way to network with other game devs. You can give it a try as well.

When: 7 pm Dec. 9
Where: GGDA Discord channel (email [email protected] for a link)
Collaborative art session will be broadcast on

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