ATLANTA–Georgia State University has introduced programs for students interested in eSports, organized multiplayer video game competitions that are often broadcast, and which have spurred the development of collegiate teams at institutions across the United States.

Georgia State has affiliated with two organizations that enable national tournament competition and regional play:

  • The university has joined the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE) and its 33 affiliated varsity eSports programs (scholarship granting NACE universities include UC-Irvine, Western Kentucky University and the University of Utah). Georgia State students will be eligible to compete for team positions in competitions that will happen in early September.
  • Georgia State is also among Georgia universities starting the Georgia Esports League (GEL), which begins tournament play in September 2017. Along with Georgia State, students from Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University, the University of North Georgia and others will compete in the games “Paladins” and “Brawlhalla.”

Beyond game play, the eSports efforts include student participation in broadcasting, production and marketing of eSports and tournaments, coaching, student management and game development.

“The skills developed by eSports-interested students are the very skills most needed for success in the 21st century economy, including collaborative soft skills and computer coding,” said David Cheshier, director of the Georgia State Creative Media Industries Institute. “We see this initiative as building essential links to emerging creative careers in animation, 3D and immersive world creation, and other media industries.”




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