The GGDA will release its annual Georgia Video Game Industry Economic Contribution report 4:30 pm Friday in room C302 at the Esports Summit.

Hi-Rez Studios is seeking volunteers for its Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Nov. 15-17. This is a great way to work with the pros as well as get a pass to DreamHack. Go HERE to register

"See the culmination of a year's worth of awesome esports as the best teams in the world battle to hold the glorious trophy aloft. If you haven't seen esports in person, it's an experience like no other!"

The GGDA is hosting three panels at DreamHack, so please join us for these:

Friday, Nov. 15
Noon: Meet the Mixer Partners. Ninja may be the biggest name on Mixer, but there are hundreds of amazing content creators who have been streaming on Mixer for years. Using sub-second latency, MixPlay, and incredible promotion tools like Channel One and the Hypezone, grassroots streamers have grown by leaps and bounds on Mixer… and you could too. Come meet some of the partnered Mixer streamers and learn more about this amazing streaming community. Speakers: WesWilson, Valdamaren, MunchkinDoom, GlamVonGrimm, Stormbreaker, PJBluePDX
Panel Room: 101

5 pm: Working with Influencers. Word of mouth and first-hand recommendations remain a key element in game and product marketing.Influencers can provide this cherished service, but successfully utilizing a quality influencer involves more than just getting your products into their hands. Learn what steps you can take to ensure you are getting the most out of the people most excited to share your goods! Speakers: Wes Wilson, Kevin Wallace, Riley Auten, Gordon Li, Daniel Nichols
Panel Room: 101

Saturday, Nov. 16
5 pm: Monetizing Your Gaming. Your gaming can pay for itself! From the hobby gamer to the professional streamer, there are ways to use your gaming to support your gaming. You don’t even need large social numbers to find companies eager to support you with products or payments.Learn what game publishers, brands, and publications are looking for so you can help make your hobby self-sustaining. Speakers: Wes Wilson, Spectissa, Thomas Gentle, Daniel Nichols, DJBluePDX, Stormbreaker
Panel Room: 102

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