Michael Revit calls game development his most passionate hobby. His current passion project is a multiplayer tank battle game called Tank Skirmish. Developed in Unity, it allows up to 10 players to battle head to head.

Currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University for game development, Revit has always loved video games. "As a young child, it fascinated me to see the controller in my hand control what is on the screen. Since then, I was hooked; I've been playing games ever since. Fast forward a few years to when I learned of ROBLOX. This is when I first got my hands dirty with programming. I absolutely loved programming in Lua. I would work hard to make things in ROBLOX, sometimes taking hours just to fix the smallest issues. But, it was all worth it. The problem solving of programming and seeing my project come to life as I invest hours in it has always been something I loved since I first picked it up. I don't think I'll ever let it go."

When: 8 pm EST January 2

Where: www.mixer.com/GGDA

How Much: FREE

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