We have had a lot of interest from game developers, livestreamers, podcasters and others about ways to work together. As a result, the GGDA has started the Georgia Streaming Network to bring all these voices together.

If you are a streamer, podcaster or influencer, contact us at [email protected] about joining the network. If you are a game dev, you can contact us at the same address to get connected to the influencers. Check out our video HERE announcing the network.

Current programming:

  • Noon - 5pm, March 28 & 29: the Georgia Esports League sponsors PantherLAN on https://www.twitch.tv/georgiastateu Check out Georgia colleges competing in a variety of games
  • 8 pm, March 29: Bobby Blackwolf hosts his weekly call-in show on a wide variety of gaming and game news topics
  • 5 pm March 31: GGDA Executive Director and veteran game designer Bill Bridges team up for an inside look at the design of their Fading Suns roleplaying game while riffing on a variety of gamedev topics https://www.twitch.tv/ulissesinternational
  • 8 pm March 31: Dr. Unity gave us a great intro to Unity at our February meeting. He is going to build on what he did before with a series of Unity presentations, for which everyone is encouraged to work along at home https://www.youtube.com/user/GeorgiaGameDevs

Check out some of our network members:


Bobby Blackwolf and the Voice of Geeks

Most Uniquest

N2 Esports

Phon the Legend

Welcome to the Wall

Wes Wilson

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