The GGDA has always been glad to support its indie game devs, but we are proud to announce two new services for them. First of all, the GGDA is now proud to both promote and host game trailers on its YouTube channel, social media and livestreaming platforms. Check it out this week with LaserSplat from JWX Software.

By hosting it on our YouTube channel (see it HERE), it immediately gets promoted to almost 800 subscribers. In addition, it will go out to almost 2,300 readers of this newsletter as well as 1,800 followers on both our Twitter and Facebook.

Next, we are glad to finally be able to talk about Rogue Company, Hi-Rez Studio's next great game. Check out the trailer HERE. A lot of GGDA members have worked on this game, and you can finally sign up for its alpha HERE. In addition, the GGDA helped arrange playtests for the game. This service is also available to our Indie members.

Finally, we are always anxious to help our members celebrate their triumphs. We are glad to work with our Indies on game launch parties, like we are doing with Puzzles by Joe! Join us at KSU to celebrate Clutter IX entering beta!

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