Yes, it's official - Oculus will be joining us at SIEGE this year. Sunday at 1 pm we will be having a special presentation on:

Making Games with Oculus

This talk will be an overview of the state of VR game development with Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. Topics will include an overview of Oculus’s Publishing group, a survey of design challenges in VR, and a quick tutorial on making a basic VR app in Unity.

Presented by Chris Jurney, Developer Relations Engineer

Chris Jurney is a Developer Relations Engineer at Oculus originally from Atlanta. He spent 15 years making games and simulations at studios including Relic, Double Fine, and Supergiant Games. He strongly prefers plaid socks due to his belief in their ability to repel dark spirits.

Right after that, you can head straight over to the Unity workshop!

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