SIEGE offers many opportunities for attendees to show off their best work and win prizes, and the GGDA is proud to announce the following winners:

Investment Conference

Best Overall and Best Startup ($1,500) Karnak Studios

Best Georgia Startup ($1,000) Hiccup Interactive

Silver Excellence in Game Development (Silv-E) Awards

Best Overall ($500) Video Hole

Made in Georgia ($100) Zap Blastum

Best Production ($100) Zap Blastum

Most Fun ($100) Pushamo

Best Multiplatform Game ($100) Baby Adopter

Best Student Game ($100) Heirloom

Best Design ($100) Pushamo

Best Art ($100) Potato Paradox Plus

Best Audio ($100) Heirloom

Best Mobile ($100) TiltBill

Best Narrative Design ($100) Tale of the Gallant Jirayia

Audience Choice ($100) Vertical Shift

Character Art Workshop

Tie Darius Hill & Keith Prossick

Flashpoint Tournament

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