Ready to speak at SIEGE? Our call for speakers is online until July 31! Check it out HERE. We need speakers on all aspects of game development – art, audio, business, design, programming and more. We always prefer the variety of perspectives that panel discussion provide, but also have openings for presentations, round tables and more. If you have what it takes, APPLY by July 31.

We are seeking speakers on game art, audio, business, design, programming and professional development. SIEGE is doing a number of things differently this year. First of all, SIEGE will officially run Sunday - Tuesday, over Columbus Day (Monday, Oct. 14) at the KSU Center. Most of our regular events - Investment Conference, Indie Game Showcase, College Fair, keynote presentation, game dev tracks and the like will return. We are also adding a Professional Development Track for people already working in the game industry and a Game Research Track to highlight some of the best that you can apply to your own game dev.

If there is anything you think we should add to SIEGE this year, or which you want to see, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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