We are proud to announce the return of Oxide Games, a leading developer out of Hunt Valley, MD. Oxide works with top talent and great partners on titles like Escalation: Ashes of the Singularity, Star Swarm and Star Control Origins.

SCAD-grad Michelle Menard has been one of SIEGE’s most popular speakers, and we are always delighted when she agrees to return. She keeps bringing other talented devs with her, and this year we get Andrew and Dan Baker, two of Oxide’s leads, and renowned game writer Paul Murphy. The Oxide team is going to take us through the gamut of game design skills, from their studio formation and spreadsheeting workshops on Oct. 4 to panels on procedural design, balance, board game design, and, of course the Rants!

Make sure to visit their booth in the Career Fair Oct. 7 and register for SIEGE HERE



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