Working in Unity or Unreal? Interested in building games with either or both? Got questions about either? Join our panel of experts 6 pm Sept. 13 at KSU to get their professional opinion of these engines, as well as insights for using both. We will also preview everything happening at SIEGE in October and November, as well as volunteer opportunities.

Speakers include:

Orion Cherry, content development manager at Pulseworks. See him speak on Unreal for VR development HERE;

Zane Everett, one of the most active Unity Certified Instructors in the world. Zane teaches professionals, professors, and students how to accomplish their real-time 3d goals. Having worked on systems deployed for real-time motion capture VR, he is well versed in optimizing performance for constrained hardware. Zane has worked on serious games that have corresponding academic research associated with them and on training simulations that prevent tragic accidents, and now focuses on games associated with Southeast Asia. See him speak on being a certified Unity instructor HERE.

Shaun Shepherd, Founder of Galore Interactive LLC., has handled most parts of game dev but found his place as more of a backend/systems, framework and optimization game dev.  He has used a wide array of tools to make games, frameworks and tools for games, including (Borland) C, QBasic, C++ (Conitec 3D Gamestudio, CryEngine, Unreal), Java (Web, Android), Action Script (Flash),  Javascript (Mozilla Hubs), C# (Unity) and a few others on smaller projects/prototypes. For the past two years, he has been developing top-notch multiplayer netcode for Unity, more specifically for the upcoming game Party Animals. See him showing off one of his many cool games HERE

When: 6-9 pm Tuesday Sept. 13. Networking 6-7 pm, panel 7-8 pm, networking 8-9 pm
Where: Kennesaw State University. Room M133, W. Clair Harris Textiles Center (M Building), 1100 S. Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060
How much: Free for GGDA members, KSU students and SIEGE volunteers. $10 all others

Parking: Should be free after hours in West Parking Deck 60

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