Do you want to put your mad skillz to work as part of a dynamic team with many interesting projects?  Are you a self starter who can self manage? Do you like to solve hard problems?  If both of these are true then you would be a good fit for our team at Virtually Better, Inc. (VBI).

VBI develops applications for behavioral health care, bridging the gap between interactive technology and clinical practice. Yeah, sounds boring right?  Well, it's not!  We are at the cutting edge of VR and AI, creating 3D virtual simulations and environments using hardware from Apple, Google, Sony and even the Oculus Rift to help people get over their anxieties. VBI has been around for 18+ years and is not a fly-by-night studio.  We are looking for artists and developers who want to use their game development skills as part of our great team for a stable company.

Our Dev Team Uses:
Unity - We develop our products using the latest Unity for PC, Mac, iOS and Android
Mobile - We develop native applications for iOS and Android
Web - We use HTML5, Node.js, Express, Javascript, Ruby and many other technologies for our web offerings.
AI - Alice, Pandora, Toytalks, ICT and more

Our Art Team Uses:
Maya - We create most of our art assets using Maya, from characters to chairs.
Mudbox - We create highly realistic avatars and art for certain simulations
Photoshop - We create our 2D textures and assets with Photoshop
After Effects - For our motion graphics
Flash - For interactive 2D scenes and games
Illustrator - For vector and other 2D art

VBI is looking to add a few new members to both our art team and development teams.  If you have skills in these areas and have a passion for developing cool interactive environments then send us your resume to [email protected]

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