The Atlanta chapter of the GGDA meets on the second Tuesday of every month for networking and presentations on specific topics of interest to our members. Our hosts are responsible for providing space and food for the 40-60 people who usually attend one of our meetings. Alcohol is appreciated by not required.

These meetings are free for GGDA members and anyone our host designates, and $10 to all others. Meeting topics can include anything of interest to game developers, including specific design, programming and art topics; project management; livestreaming; QA; marketing and more.

Please get us any digital assets you want us to show in our livestream by 5 pm the day before the meeting. The GGDA needs access to the presentation space by 5 pm on the day of the meeting to set up our livestreaming equipment. Food should arrive at 6 pm and our meeting generally follows the following schedule:

6-7 pm: Food and Networking

7-8 pm: Presentation

8-9 pm: Networking

Please email [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions, or want to host a meeting for another chapter. You can see some past meetings here:

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