K-12 Students and Teachers

While the GGDA does not have chapters for people under 18 years old, and our insurance policy means they cannot come to most of our events, we do have a number of opportunities for them.

1. We have a speakers bureau that connects student groups with professional developers willing to speak. Use our contact sheet and let us know if you are most interested in programmers, artists, designers or audio professionals. They will most likely speak via video call, so let us know what technology your school uses for that.

2. While almost all our events are 18+, we do livestream game design panles and workshops on www.twitch.tv/GeorgiaGameDevs. These are free and offer great opportunities for students to interact with professionals.

3. We have A LOT of free videos on game development on our https://www.youtube.com/georgiagamedevs channel. We recommend starting with the workshops and the breaking in videos, and going from there. The videos labeled "Rants" are probably the only ones inappropriate for showing in school.

4. We do host one event for those under 18 - our annual college fair. Scheduled every Fall, it offers a look at colleges that offer game development programs as well as a number of STEM and STEAM sessions for students looking to get into game development. Contact us to be added to our mailing list.

5. If your students are interested in esports, there are groups organizing competitions for them. You might want to reach out to N2 Esports.

6. Teachers are always welcome to attend our events. We recommend that as a great way to meet professionals who can speak to the students or help with playtesting and internship opportunities. You can sign up for our newsletter to get announcements about these.