S.I.E.G.E. Rules and Guidelines

SIEGE Rules and Guidelines

The Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo is a professional conference where attendees know that their actions reflect how they conduct themselves in the industry. As a result, we are very proud to say that in nine years we have never had an incident that required us to discipline an attendee. However, it is now clear that even professional conferences are having problems with unprofessional behavior. As a result, we are now more widely distributing these policies. Thank you to all our attendees who have made running SIEGE so smooth and incident free.


S.I.E.G.E. Rules and Guidelines

REMEMBER: this is a trade show. How you act and treat others here can directly impact your career.

If at any time you feel that somebody is breaking the rules, or that you feel uncomfortable or harassed please find the nearest SIEGE volunteer. SIEGE volunteers will be easily recognized by their shirts, which have STAFF or VOLUNTEER written on the back of them. They are also identified by their headsets and radios. They will call for security personnel, who will escort you to the security operations room. You may also go directly to the security operations room - Rome room (last event room on the right down the hall past registration) – to report an incident. Security can be reached 24 hours a day. If you cannot find a member of staff and are in a situation requiring security, contact the front desk of the hotel who will direct security to your location. If, at any time, you feel that your personal safety or the safety of others is in jeopardy, please contact the Cobb County Police Department in an emergency via 911.

  • Bring your own fun. This isn’t really a rule, but more of a suggestion. Are you one of the people who makes SIEGE fun? Go to a panel and ask questions. Sign up for a game or event and show off your skills. Enter one of our contests. Polite observation is good, but enthusiastic participation is better.


  • Specific interactive sessions at SIEGE may have additional requirements or require you to bring materials with you. If you are unprepared, please understand that may affect your ability to participate (at the room moderator’s discretion).


  • Be professional. Do not be an idiot*. If you insist on acting like an idiot*, SIEGE can and will boot you out without giving you a refund. If in doubt about any of the following rules, always consider this one first.


  • Wear your badge. Wear your convention badge in plain view at all times, and have ID on you. Parties and certain events will require proof of age, and if you lose your badge, you’ll need to pay full price for another. Yes, you need your stinking badge, though we would prefer it did not stink.


  • No smoking in convention areas or hallways. This includes Vaping. This is hotel policy as well as ours.


  • We are sorry to say that SIEGE is not responsible for stuff you may lose. Please check hotel lost and found in addition to notifying us to keep an eye out for it.


  • With the exception of the college fair, SIEGE is an 18+ event. Attendees under the age of 18 are to be escorted by their parent or guardian at all times.


  • You must be 21+ to drink alcohol. If you become a rude, angry or annoying drunk, we will eject you from the convention. If you become a destructive drunk, not only will we kick you out, we’ll tell everyone exactly who the person is costing the convention so much money in damages. Trust us, this will not make you popular. If you become an unconscious and unresponsive drunk, Security will be notified, who will in turn notify EMS to have you checked out (at your own expense). Drink responsibly!


  • No** means NO**. Period, end of conversation.


  • If you damage your hotel room or any other hotel property, the hotel will bill you for it. This includes smoking in your room. Do your best to leave your room and the convention space the way you found it.


  • Rules are subject to change, addition and interpretation without notice of any kind if deemed necessary by SIEGE directors

* Harassment of any kind, including physically or verbally threatening, annoying, unwelcoming attentions, stalking, pushing, shoving or use of physical force; which in any way creates a disturbance that is disruptive or dangerous, as well as any boisterous, lewd or generally offensive behavior or language, using sexually explicit or offensive language or conduct, obscene gestures or racial, religious or ethnic slurs will be considered harassment.

If people tell you NO, your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you may be removed from the premises and your membership revoked.

**Remember: “No” means no. “Stop” means stop. “Go away” means go away