Sponsor Brief

Sponsor Brief

SIEGE is the largest game industry event in the Southeastern United States. This year the Georgia Game Developers Association plans to host more than 1000 attendees, two keynotes by prominent industry veterans, over 50 sessions, and more than 15 networking events. Our College & Career Fair is expected to attract more than 400 high school students, while our Investment Conference lets studios pitch to investors. Find more info at

When: October 5-8, 2017

Where: Atlanta Marriott NW, 200 Interstate Parkway, Atlanta, GA

What is included at all levels:

  • Promotion on SIEGE website and program
  • First rights to the same promotional opportunity next year
  • Bag inserts for Platinum, Gold, & Silver sponsors for both regular and VIP bags.

Platinum Sponsors:

  • 5 VIP passes
  • 20 three-day passes
  • 1 full-page ad in program
  • Logo on all print materials

Gold Sponsors:

  • 2 VIP passes
  • 10 three-day passes
  • 1 half-page ad in program
  • Inclusion in at least 1 press release
  • Logo on most print materials

Sliver Sponsors:

  • 1 VIP Pass
  • 5 three-day passes
  • Logo on most print materials

Group Rates (groups of 10 or more)
Members: Professionals: $45; Students $40
Non-members: Professionals: $65; Students:
$55. Must be booked by Sept. 15

Sponsorship Opportunities

Opening Party (Fri)Platinum$15,000$18,000
Networking Lunch (Sat)Platinum$15,000$18,000
VIP DinnerPlatinum$15,000$18,000
Sunday BrunchPlatinum$15,000$18,000
VIP & Member PartyGold$8,000$10,000
VIP Guest BagGold$8,000$10,000
VIP Bag Insert$800$1,000
Lanyard SponsorGold$8,000$10,000
Badge InsertGold$8,000$10,000
Bag SponsorGold$8,000$10,000
Audio SponsorGold$8,000$10,000
Video SponsorGold$8,000$10,000
Keynote SponsorGold$8,000$10,000
Training DayGold$8,000$10,000
Track SponsorshipSilver$4,000$6,000
Saturday Night concertSilver$4,000$6,000
Parking & Street SignageSilver$4,000$6,000
Lobby & Elevator SignageSilver$4,000$6,000
Press/Speaker RoomSilver$4,000$6,000
Coffee BreakSilver$4,000$6,000
Branded Bottled WaterSilver$4,000$6,000
Session Sponsor$1,000$1,250
Hall Sponsor (6'8 standup banner)$1,000$1,000
Suite Party$750$1,000
Suite Party Listing Only$250$250

Booth & Expo Hall

College & Career Fair20x15$2,000$3,000
College & Career Fair10x10$750$1,000
Exhibit Hall15x10$3,000$3,750
Exhibit Hall10x10$1,000$1,250
Program AdvertisingMemberNon-Member
Back Cover$1,000$1,250
Full-page Ad$500$625
Half-page Ad$250$325